Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ask that great psychic master, The Mighty and Mysterious Google!

It seems I am not the only one in a blue period.  The blognet is full of people bemoaning their blahs.  For most, this seems (to them) to be unusual.  For so many at one time, this seems (to me) to be very unusual.  So, I turned to my trusty oracle, Google*.  I asked The Mighty and Mysterious Google:  What's up with the world right now?  And here is what I got back.

First and foremost on people's minds is what's new and hip in food, cocktails and entertaining.  I take this to mean we are looking for distractions from our troubles.  Or for just a really good guacamole recipe.

Next up gets specific about those troubles:  an article on what's new in the world of drill rigs.  Not sure if the problem is that drill rigs leak once they blow up, or if there are whole articles devoted to drill rig current events.  Or that there is a readership for such things.  Which reminds me.  I saw a joke on Twitter about the BP disaster over the weekend:
Question:  Guess what's just been spotted in the Gulf?
Next, it seems that Jell-o, space pirates, and the proliferation of the word "yaka-wow!" throughout the cyber world are disturbing minds worldwide as well.  Me, I'm finding the thought space pirates covered in Jell-o and exclaiming yaka-wow! to be more disturbing.  That could just be me though.

Robert's Midi Jukebox is also bringing people down.  Knock it off, Bob.  Although I will admit to being intrigued rather than depressed by a song titled "Shut Up and Sleep with Me."  You too?

Earthquakes, weird weather, and Copenhagen make you blue too.  Guessing it's Copenhagen the city and not Copenhagen the chew.  Wouldn't it be cool if they determined that all nicotine products were causing global warming, economic downturn, and reality television?  They'd finally have to get rid of that crap (particularly reality television).  While I cannot speak for others, that would perk me right up all on its own.

Last, but certainly not least, the source of all of our sadness is The Official Weblog of Tim & Kendra!!!   Obviously, those three exclamation points are there only to mask their deep and abiding pain.  I feel you, Tim and Kendra, I feel you.

Well, that is all from today's episode of The Mighty and Mysterious Google.   Would you like me to consult the oracle Google on your behalf?  Send me a question, or try it for yourself.  If you can climb out of the doldrums long enough, that is.  Try thinking about a world without The Bachelorette.  It would be a happier place, I promise.

the CilleyGirl

*The oracle Google involves asking a question and using the top ten responses to discern your answer.  Kind of like tarot cards.  But not.
 Answer:  Water!

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