Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thirteen Things Thursday: The I Can't Think of an Edition Edition

1.  Yesterday my MCM training plan e-mail said that if I feel tired and sluggish that I should either shorten my run, cross training, or take a rest day.  They shouldn't have said that.  I woke up with a headache, a pinched neck, and a completely numb left hand.  Like so numb I wouldn't have been surprised to see it had swelled up like Mickey's glove.  I skipped the run and took the extra sleep.  Boo.

2.  Just wrapped up a fabulous four day weekend with the CilleyMom.  She arrived Sunday and I took her to Road Runner Sports for the Shoe Dog Experience, as a couple of years of wearing those Sketcher Shape Ups had done a number on her hip and back.  Turns out that we have exactly the same foot profile, down to the size.  So as she was finishing up trying on shoes I tried out the Mizuno Wave Enigma 2s that they hadn't had in my size at my Shoe Dog fitting.  Guess who also left with a new pair of sneaks? 

3.  I've only run once in the Mizunos -- for which I had to go up to a size ten, I feel like I have on clown shoes (goes with Mickey's glove, I guess) -- but I think they will help with my ankle issues.  They felt a lot more stable around the ankle, the Nike Vomero 7s don't have that.  I'm going to run in them at least once, maybe twice, before deciding if I will wear them on Sunday.

4.  Which is the Eugene Womens Half.  Which I am doing solo this year, sadly, due to Julie's back issues.  Hadn't gotten any of the race day info stuff yet so I went to their website.   Went to confirm my registration and I'm not showing up.  First it said I wasn't there at all then it stopped giving me any results whatsoever.  I did check my profile and my bank account, both tell me that yes I did in fact register, and I've got an email into the race folks to confirm.  It would really piss me off to get all the way down to Eugene to find out I wasn't registered.  Plus the fact that they've already taken all my money.  And Julie's money.  Anybody else doing this race? 

5.  Monday CilleyMom and I went to the zoo.  We had fun trying out our new shoes and bitching about all the children.  My wrath was earned particularly by this white trash ass-wipe couple who were smoking.  In the zoo.  Which is SMOKE FREE YOU WHITE TRASH ASS-WIPES.  Gah.

6.  I took many pictures at the zoo of animal butts.  I'll post them some other time.  And if you are thinking, hey didn't you just go to the zoo last weekend?  Yes.  Yes, I did.  I love the zoo.

7.  This picture sums up my life with the kitties:

Before that, we had kitty in a coffin:

I did not pose her.  She put herself in here.   Which made for a cool "vampire kitteh takes her first victim" shot:

8.  On Tuesday we headed east to Cascade Locks where we boarded the Columbia Gorge sternwheeler for a five hour cruise of the Gorge.  It was awesome.  I have not yet downloaded my pictures.  I knew a lot of the history but not all, plus you get to see stuff from the river you never see as you whiz by on the freeway at 80 mph.  Food could've been better, but other than that. 

9.  CilleyMom loved my new apartment.  And so do I.

10.  I did something different on my last long run, namely I listened to a book on tape as I ran.  It made the time fly by.  I hope to do this for Sunday's half. 

11.  At which I also am hoping to PR, if not sub-three.  I'm worried about the cutoff time for MCM.  If you had to hit a certain pace by say mile 12 or even mile 15, that's not bad.  But at mile 20?  Gah. 

12.  I will be booking my flight and stuff for the MCM trip soon.  I guess I should finally read all those guide books I bought.  For those who have been to New England, what are the must-see spots?  Salem is at the top of my list, after that I don't know.  I'm staying in Warwick, Rhode Island, and will probably be in New England for three or four days.  Depending on whether I decide to do a day or two in New York also.  In New York I have to get a hotel.  In Rhode Island I have my friend's futon.  One of those is much cheaper than the other.  Plus, there is lobster.

13.  I will leave you today with this random thought.  When you read about something like a robbery or an arrest, do you ever hope it is someone you know but don't like?  Just me?  Okay then.

the CilleyGirl


  1. Training plan do not give me an option either...I would stay in bed too.

    I didn't know about Julie's back. Bummer. Good luck in Eugene, I had a great time with y'all down there last year:)

  2. I keep scanning obituaries and police logs for a particulous douche faced asshole. He's still walking free.

    I love the kitty coffin. Doesn't surprise me at all that she got in there!

    I like zoo butts and I cannot lie!

    I ran to a book on tape once, totally my kind of book ... the Anne Rule one about Theodore Robert Bundy!