Monday, December 20, 2010

Gonna make you squirm!

Howdy hey everyone.  Because I just have to say it, I'll say it:  I'm still alive!  I'm feeling much better since my last few posts.  A lot fewer headaches, somewhat better sleep although that's starting to change again.  Grrrr.

So.  I had a fun time last week.  My doctor discovered a polyp on my girlie parts and since it wasn't there last year she wanted to schedule a follow up to remove it.  "It'll be nothing, no problem!" she says.  Mmm hmm. 

I'm in the stirrups (muwahahahaha to all the guys who have now changed the page) for literally 30 minutes while she's still looking.  Turns out it wasn't a pull-it-off-and-that's-it polyp.  She wasn't quite sure what it was.  But it took 30 minutes to set me up like a Christmas turkey to take a look and then we got to the snippity snippity of my insides roughly behind my navel.  Uncomfortable!!!   Although I'd like to know why they don't give you the topical anesthetic while they're poking around in there.  The snippity part wasn't so bad, comparatively.

As with most things with me, it's somewhere in the range of nothing to cancer.  We have to wait for the lab results, then it's either leave it alone, go to an OB-GYN to remove it fully in a more formal informal procedure, or I guess an oncologist.  Because I get these kind of results all the time (I'm either going blind or just fine, per my eye doctor), I'm not concerned at all.  Seriously, no joke.  No point in being worried until you have something to worry about.  Plus it's like the size of a pin that we're talking about.  How bad could it be?

But in the meantime, I felt like I'd done a zillion crunches for about two days after the procedure.  I'm guessing it was less from the actual snippity snip and more from me clenching my abs while she was "still looking."   Maybe I've stumbled upon some new ab exercise?  I think I'd rather be paunchy, thank you very much. 

I should be doing a January 1 run, although I need to survive work through Christmas day before making my final decision.  Right now I'm so tired and grumpy I don't think I want to run again EVER.  sigh  But I will.   Soon I'll figure out some longer races that I'll be doing in 2011, pretty sure that's going to include a full marathon again.  I'd like to finish in under six hours this time.  I believe that if I train seriously for it, this is a totally achievable goal for me.  I've already done really well increasing my walking speed, which has always slowed me down in races (no pun intended).

I'll try to check in some time next week, for at least something brief.  I'm working December 13 through the 24th, then off Christmas Day, then working December 26 straight through to January 3.  Then I plan to check myself into a hospital for one of those voluntary comas. 

They do offer those, right?

the CilleyGirl

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  1. Okay, it's like they either are dudes and have no idea what agony those stirrups can be, or they are women - and then you can't help but wonder the last time they were in stirrups. I mean what is with the making us sit in them forever thing? And then being all up inside of you for that long?? ACK!! That had to be so uncomfortable. I mean I can't stand just the normal test, let alone being poked and prodded like that. Poor you!

    I seriously wish they'd just come up with something a little simpler. And I'm really hoping for fantastic medical advances before I have to ever have a mammogram. I have nothing to squish - it will hurt like hell!!