Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Special talents

I've got those ol' TOM blues and consequently have been MIA since I didn't want to BYAD or give you TMI about the aforementioned TOM.  Nope, got no idea why I'm SCRA.*   Yep, gonna stop it now. 

Instead of being all boring and mopey, I thought I'd share some of my special talents and invite you to share some of your own.  Enjoy!

I can type around 125 wpm.

I know the mailing address for the Oregon Tax Court by heart. 

And its fax number.

I can tie a cherry stem into a knot with my tongue. 

I can watch 22 hours of True Blood over a two day period and still have a drop or two of brains left in my head.

I can recite verbatim the intro to The A-Team television show.

Without googling it.

I can explain to you the concepts of real market value, maximum assessed value, exception value, the changed property ratio, and compression as they relate to property taxes in Oregon.  Can't guarantee you'll understand it, but I can explain it to you.

I can balance my checkbook.

I can identify the three different types of setter on sight.

I can pack a box, a car, or a truck with geometric precision such that every inch of available space is used in the most efficient manner.

I can use a 10-key without looking.

I can belly dance.

I am an excellent speller.

I can root enthusiastically for my college football team year after year even though they rarely have a chance in hell of winning a game, much less an entire conference.

Cats like me.

I know the lyrics to almost every song from the 1980s.

I know that teal carpet is always a bad decorating choice.

I can successfully grill a tasty steak.

I can drive a tractor.

I can run out of things to think of.

the CilleyGirl

*Suddenly crazy for acronyms

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