Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I know you are, but what am I?

One great thing about paleo is that it burns fat, particularly the fat carried around the abdomen.  Which is one of my major trouble spots -- I feel like I look pregnant all the time, which sucks when you're not -- so I've been very happy with my shrinking belly.  Now I look like I'm just chubby rather than pregnant.  Better yet, since my belly roll mostly don't dunlap itself anymore, what I found out recently is an external yeast infection (yuck!) underneath there is almost completely gone. 

Along the lines of looking a gift horse in the mouth, though, is that the waistband of my pants sits much higher than it used to.  Most of my height is in my long legs; I've got a fairly short waist.  When I had a jumbo-sized belly, the button of any pants I wore would sit low, at or below my belly button, because the pants would be pulled wider.  Kind of like have low rider pants on, but it really only rides low in the front. 

Now there's a lot less tum for my pants to hang up on so unless I'm wearing low rider pants (which don't really come in a dress slack, do they?) the waist of my pants sits at my natural waist.  Which is high because I am short waisted.  So although it looks normal, it doesn't feel normal. 

In fact, it feels like Pee-Wee Herman.  Except you rarely see Pee-Wee's high waisted nerd pants although you know they've got to be there.  Instead, I've got this guy:

And that shows pretty well where it feels like my waistband is these days -- right underneath my breasts.

Ah well, soon the chub will be so small that I can wear low riders.  On purpose.

the CilleyGirl

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