Friday, September 17, 2010

Boring: It's not just a town in Oregon

Or maybe "not terribly exciting" is a better way to describe my world these days.  It's like when I talk to my grandmother on the phone; we're both "yeah, nothing new here either" and how often are you supposed to call people to tell them nothing?


My end of year work craziness is starting much earlier this year -- in fact, my June work craziness never really let up, it's the busiest summer I've had in the seven years I've been with my office -- so all of my attention is slowing becoming focused on that one December 31 date, with every thing else fading away in comparison.  I'm so-so with paleo these days -- stupid cinnamon rolls, I should just never go through the bakery aisle EVER -- but need to be more focused on that.  The problem is, eating is one of those things that is fading away in comparison to everything else; having to stop and eat becomes an annoyance.  And if it's not fading away due to work, it's being sacrificed to the sleep gods. 

Although I'm not sure if I'll be able to save the rest of this year -- seriously, work gets INSANE the closer we come to December -- I need a goal for next year.  I want to do the inaugural Vancouver (Washingon) marathon next June, but I just haven't committed yet.  It is on June 19, which is awfully close to my big July 1 work craziness deadline.   I'd have to take off a day or two from work, although hmmm my boss took a whole ten days off right around that time this year so maybe that's not a concern I need to have.  And my taper would be during the first part of June so I wouldn't have to worry about huge long runs on the weekend.

I think I will register for that this weekend.

I am running a 5K race tomorrow.  Which reminds me -- if anyone in the Portland metro area wants to do a free 5K race, there's one in Tigard tomorrow.  I won't be there, because I'm doing a race in Hillsboro through my running league, but I ran it last year and it was better done than many non-free races.  Check out the City of Tigard's website for more info.  Tons of walkers and families turn out for this one if that makes a difference (either way) for you.

I also still need to get a 10K in to complete my goal of racing all the distances in 2010.  Unfortunately, I'm not sure there are any that fit my schedule.  The one I was planning to do (Catalyst Challenge in Tigard) isn't going to be held this year.  There is one in Wilsonville but it's the day after my Fall Finale 5K so I don't want to do that one.  My mom will be in town for the Run Like Hell in Portland -- I ran their 5K last year and she walked it -- and there is a 10K as part of that race... I might be able to do the run in the morning and then we go to the coast that afternoon.   Or if I can't get down to visit my grandparents the following weekend there's a 10K as part of an ultra event at Champoeg State Park.  Ah well, I'll figure something out.

I also want to do a half marathon next year with a time goal.  I think that would be a good fall race goal.  And I still want to do an ultra.  I just need to dragoon somebody into crewing for me.   Blackmail may need to be involved....

the CilleyGirl


  1. Don't forget about Eugene! That could be a great half-marathon for next year if you are doing the full in Vancouver in June.
    Enjoy your race tomorrow.

  2. I'd love to do the Eugene half, but it turns into a fairly expensive prospect for me what with having to do something with my dogs, get a hotel, yadda yadda yadda. Plus it's too much input for me to train for marathon distance at the same time I'm training for a time goal. I can't multitask when it comes to running.