Sunday, July 18, 2010

Preparing for a paleo camping trip

This weekend will be my first camping trip in about three years.  It will also be my first camping trip, paleo style!  It is amazingly both difficult and easy to plan a camping trip around paleo.

At first I thought it would be tough to plan food.  Usually camping means something easy for breakfast like oatmeal, or else you definitely have camp toast.  Sandwiches are typically PB&J but I'm off the PB and the J and oh yeah the bread.  Burgers and hot dogs are easy choices, but again no bread so no buns.  At dinner you toss some potatos in the fire and let 'em bake.  How in the hell do you camp with a salad?  And without snacky foods like chips?

Then I thought about it and most of this will be pretty simple.  I added cured meats back into things, although I do try to get them made with natural ingredients.  I have chicken sausages, thick cut bacon, and ham to choose from to have with eggs for the first meal, and the ham would be fine cold for snacking.  For second meal I have hot dogs and turkey burgers plus something marinated to grill up.  Mushrooms to saute.  I could steam veggies too, and the broccoli travels well.  Containers of cut up fruit like cantaloupe and strawberries plus berries, apples and bananas for meals and snacks.  I think I'll track down a recipe to toast those raw almonds I'm not fond of, have those for snacks too. 

And s'mores.  Those are paleo.  Yes they are.  Yes, they are.  YES THEY ARE. 

Speaking of s'mores, I decided to get most of the camping supplies during my regular weekly shopping trip so that I wouldn't have to try to do it later in the week.  I had a lot of things on my list which I don't normally buy, like graham crackers and marshmallows but also antibacterial wipes.  Why do they hide those?  Took me a good 20 minutes to find the wipes, which could have been in three other, logical, places but were not.  Then, not only were they in a completely random spot, they were on the top shelf waaaay in the back.  Weird.  I also now have all this extra stuff for what I don't normally buy.  Like I wanted a single pack of graham crackers but I have a whole big box.  Ten marshmallows versus a whole bag.  I won't bitch about the six pack of Hershey bars though.  *snerk* 

And speaking of paleo, I had my first real meal containing more than a smidge of wheat in a few weeks (pizza) and then the next morning I woke up with a persistent tummy bug.  My friends tell me a stomach bug is going around but I'm not entirely sure that's what it is.  I also had a pint of ice cream -- chocolate with peanut butter -- once I started to feel better.  And then a short time late I wasn't feeling so better.  Hmmm.  All pizza and ice cream are now gone and I don't have any plans to have them again any time soon.   My big box o'meat is nice and full with grilled chicken breasts and pork tenderloin.  Yum yum yum yum yum!!

the CilleyGirl


  1. Go Paleo Camping girl!!! I am jealous...have a great time!