Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Garmin is dusty.

I noticed yesterday the other day that my pretty pretty Garmin is dusty.  Because I haven't run since... what?  Oh right, the Friar Trot.  Blergh.

I need a plan.  I am still in the lead for my division in my running league.  I could probably not run until the Fall Finale in October and still win my division, but that doesn't seem fair or in the spirit of things. 

I tried taking those BP meds in the evening rather than with all my other meds and it seems to have helped prevent the crushing rage attacks.  However, now I'm feeling extremely blah about everything.  I don't feel like reading.  I don't feel like watching TV or a movie.  I don't feel like going to work.  I don't feel like showering.  That last one is a big deal for me, I shower every single freaking day unless I'm camping or really, really, really ill.  Or have no legs.  Even then I'd still try.  Anyhow, no crushing rage but instead a sneaky depressive attack that if I wasn't watching for it I wouldn't have really realized it for what it was.   So I quit those meds again.

What I really need is a race.  A race to get me running again, even if I get a crappy race time.  I should be extremely well-rested by now.

I'm waiting to hear from my league director about which races actually count.  Since this is my first time in a running league I was confused by the recent e-mail I received on the subject.  There are three upcoming approved races, but also something about how only one counts and then it didn't say anything about a fourth approved race.  Long story short, my running budget is limited and I don't like running races during the week or in the evenings. 

But there is one race, it doesn't count towards my league standings, that will do very well as a kick in the ass for my running:  the Tigard FundRun 5K on August 8.  Not only does it benefit public schools, the course goes through my nemesis -- Cook Park.  Hey, maybe lady with the cane will be there!

Once I get paid again, I can sign up for a couple more races between now and the Fall Finale 5K.  And then hopefully keep on running!

the CilleyGirl

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  1. Always a good idea to put a race on the schedule. I love running but I will slack like crazy if I don't have a race looming in front of me.