Thursday, July 8, 2010

Beef. It's what's for breakfast.

Now just change that "beef" to "beer" and you've got my college days!

I wouldn't want to be one of those who does nothing but recite what she ate each and every day -- no one should unless you've got a cooking blog or something like that -- but for those who might want to try paleo, here's what I had yesterday:

Morning - Beef (london broil - yum!) and a banana.

Afternoon - Grilled pork (double yum, and so tender) and fresh raspberries.  An amazingly tasty combo.

Evening - Romaine with crab and a pear gorgonzola dressing, mushrooms (sauteed in a little butter and garlic), steamed broccoli (boring on its own, one of those foods that I don't hate but I have to make myself eat, so I started eating it with a little crab and the dressing from the salad and it was pretty good), a banana, and some raw almonds.

The Radioactive Girl commented that you can forget to eat when on a high protein diet and she's right.  As I said yesterday, I'm inclined just to graze.  Or hunt and gather when I get hungry, maybe that's more accurate.  I had brought the salad and some grapes yesterday for lunch too but when I pulled it all out it seemed like much too much food so I stuck with only the pork and the berries.  I did need more protein in the evening though; was a bit hungry when I went to bed.  And I definitely need to toast those almonds.  I don't seem to like raw almonds.

Well, if you're still with me after all that or if you've just skipped over it all, how about a Totally Random Thursday?  Where I tell you waaaay too much information about myself and you pretend I didn't.  Yippee!

Random Fact No. 1:  I share a birthday with both John Cleese and Sylvia Plath.  I think that explains quite a lot about me.

Random Fact No. 2:  My birthday is on the 300th day of the year in a regular year.  It's pretty cool.

Random Fact No. 3:  I was born on a Tuesday, and Tuesday is my favorite day. 

Random Fact No. 4:  No, I don't know why this is all birthday skewed, it's not for another three months.  Maybe it's because I have cake on the brain and as we all know birthday cake has no calories.  (Negative calories if it's your own birthday cake.)

Random Fact No. 5:  I hate situation comedies.  What I mean by that is I hate things -- books, TV, movies, plays, what have you -- that are premised on people who won't open their damn mouths and explain things and so you have this great misunderstanding and hilarity ensues.  Or murder and death.  Take your pick.  Because it really can switch so quickly between the two.  Be honest with people.  Don't wonder whether so and so is mad at you or pregnant with Skip's baby or thinks you are pregnant with Skip's baby.  Go over there and fucking ask, or ask if you need to impart some information about yourself.  Saves a whole lot of time.

Random Fact No. 6:  Random Fact No. 5 could be why I don't have a lot of friends over the long haul.  Hey, is my bluntness pissing anybody off?  If so, tell me.  If you don't (or won't) tell me, you're going to have to deal with it on your own.  Sorry.

Random Fact No. 7:  I have a hard time choosing a favorite color.  To the point where if you held a gun to my head I probably still couldn't decide.  I do have favorite colors I like to wear, favorite colors for painting a wall, favorite color to see in the night sky or in a sunset, that kind of stuff, but nothing overall that makes me all tingly. 

Random Fact No. 8:  I have two tattoos.  One is a scorpion on my thigh and the other is a sun/moon design on my right shoulder.  I'd like to get a third and I know what I want to get, but in the back of my mind are two other tats I'd like to get and I'm concerned I might go in for a third and end up with five.  Plus I haven't found an artist I like.  Plus I keep wanting to get them all on the right side of my body for some reason and after a while that's just going to look odd.  But it was my left ear I had double-pierced. 

Random Fact No. 9:  I completely forgot I hadn't posted this yet.  And I've forgotten about the other facts that I thought about adding in later since I'd already posted it.  So......

the CilleyGirl


  1. I join you WHOLEHEARTEDLY on RF drives me NUTS! My parents were a big fan of Fawlty Towers and all other English sit-com humour when I was growing up (nice tie-in with RF No.1 if I do say so myself) and even at 8 years old I could not even watch the show for sheer frustration of all the pointless shenanigans that could have been solved INSTANTLY if someone just said 1) the truth 2) what was on their mind....I honestly used to watch with a pillow over my head so I would not have to endure the embarrassment and teeth-grinding pain of watching people f*ck up situations over and over when it could all be resolved so easily....

    And yes, I am also known for my bluntness (always delivered sweetly though) and it is what I think makes it possible for me to survive and thrive in the notoriously uber-blunt Dutch culture. So bring it on sister!! You will never get grief for me from speaking your mind...just don't be surprised if I speak mine right back ;oP

    Thanks for this post though! I may have to do a random fact thing about myself too...but then with my blunt and open nature I am not sure there is anything left to disclose!! Must work on being MYSTERIOUS....pfffft....(I wish)

    Keep going strong on Paleo Cave Woman!! I wanna see you use your hard earned OT to get your skinny butt over to Europe for some R&R!

  2. So excited you have taken the Paleo plunge! I love it. I feel great, all the time. Food for the first time in my life has taken a back seat. I totally get the forgetting to eat thing, and that has NEVER been a problem before!

  3. Thanks V! It was actually your blog that tipped me into the "definitely gonna try this" category :)