Tuesday, April 2, 2013

When last we left our heroine...

... she had just run the clusterfuck that was the 2013 Shamrock Run.  Yay!

I got word yesterday that medals are in the mail, hopefully mine will be here today.  They're changing up a few things next year that hopefully will make things run more smoothly.  Because I will be running the 2014 Shamrock.  If you run and you live in Portland, you almost have to do it.   C'mon RR, you know you'll be doing it too!

Anyhow, I pulled 15K out of my ass and was feeling a lot better post-race than I probably deserved.  Race was Sunday, Monday I felt like I'd ran 9.3 miles but nothing unusual except a twinge in my right Achilles that had me worried for that weekend's Hop Hop Half.  By Tuesday though the twinge was nearly gone which would have been fabulous if I hadn't woken up with the fucking plague.

Yep, I caught that particularly nasty crud that has been going around for months.  And that shit lingers.  I dragged myself through work that Tuesday but was out Wednesday and Thursday wishing I were dead.  Friday I had to come in and the ten hour day I put in triggered a relapse.  No Hop Hop Half for me :(  Seriously seriously seriously fucking BUMMED to miss that race.  Well, to miss the medal.  I did get to fondle RR's medal and nearly pulled her into my lap to bring it closer.  My precious!  RR, please leave that medal to me in your will upon your death, pretty please with tots on top?

Anyhow.  Spent the weekend being a lump on the couch and missing Hop Hop.  Monday I bailed on work again because did I mention this shit lingers?  Had to be back in on Tuesday and long story short (too late!) it wasn't until Friday that I was finally feeling better.  Summer briefly visited Portlandia this past weekend with temps in the low 70s; I spent my weekend as a slightly more animated lump on the couch with many less interludes of unconsciousness or of wetting my pants/throwing up because I was coughing so hard.  Now I'm mostly better but there's POLLEN everywhere.  But I will be running again soon.   Rock 'n Roll Half is just not all that far away.

Hope everyone is doing well and plague-free!

the CilleyGirl


  1. I know what you mean about the lingering. I had it though most of January and February. Feel better soon!

  2. I hear you about that shit lingering. I lived to tell about it too, but thankfully didn't have any pesky races in the mix. I'm glad you are feeling better.