Monday, December 10, 2012


I don't know what's crawled up my ass but man, do I have a case of the grumpies today. 

Everything should be hunky dorey.  Thursday I got tired of listening to myself wheeze every time I took a deep breath so I zipped into my PCP and went home with a flu shot, prednisone, and antibiotics.  Sinus infection again, natch.  Feeling instantly better with the meds, albeit tired.  You know how you can just feel that your body is healing? 

Got some sleeping in done on Saturday then put a few hours in at the office, chipping away at the end of year craziness.  Everybody (but our bookkeeper) was in the office on Saturday.  And they were all crabby.  I'd been looking forward to a quiet afternoon of getting some shit done, instead it was like I was hiding in my foxhole. 

Sunday I was up early -- for me, by ten -- and after breakfast headed to the zoo.  I wanted to see who was up and out in the cooler weather and then would stay for Zoolights.  I got there waaaay too early.  I was there by one.  I should've aimed for more like 2:30.  Ended up walking the entire zoo almost three complete rounds.  Four hours of walking.  I figure I logged at least nine miles.  It was nice having the zoo mostly to myself and getting the air and exercise after so many many many weeks of not. 

Was pleasantly tired (and sore!  my calves!) last night but I swear, I woke up every five minutes all night long.  Got up early, didn't feel tired but just felt drained.  And had a wicked case of the grumpies.  I can't even think of what might make it "all better." 

Not even snuggling with my kitties, because girl kitty has a major case of kitty stank ass.  It's got to be the food.  It's a combo of kitty ass and fish.  Like a salmon's ass.  On a cat.  It's not so bad in the abstract -- like, the smell isn't wafting off of her or anything -- but she sits her ass on my shoulder or my chest all the time and then it soaks in.  A little kitty stank ass skidmark, if you will.  And then there is no escaping the kitty stank ass.  It lingers.  I keep having to change my shirts.  It's a total smelly cat situation.   And the boy kitty, he tries to help.  He keeps washing her ass, because even he can tell it's kitty stank ass, but then he sees I'm upset about the ass situation and he comes over to give me kisses.  With the face he just stuck up in his sister's kitty stank ass.

I wonder if they make Charmin Fresh Wipes in kitty size?

the CilleyGirl

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