Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday - The By the Numbers Edition

1.  How was your weekend?  Mine was uneventful.  I kept breathing all weekend.  I did laundry and some grocery shopping.  Read a few books.  Watched a little TV.  That's pretty much it.  Ah depression, you are so much excitement.

2.  I thought I'd check back in with my EAT/RUN/SLEEP progress (check the post called Mojo CPR STAT).  On the EAT side, I'm doing okay with working on normal portion sizes.  Some times I still dish out or make too much, then it ends up back in the fridge or in the garbage.  Usually depending on how tasty it was to start with versus whether the ants got to it.

3.  As for RUN, I haven't been.  Boo.  Depression sucks.  Run tomorrow?  I hope to.

4.  SLEEP.  I think I mentioned I started wearing a body bugg thing again.  Mostly because I wanted to see my sleep patterns.  There is some serious tossing and turning going on these days.  Some of that has been the depression/allergy inspired insomnia.  Friday or Saturday night I moved around almost all night long, rather than having a couple of incidents of it.  I slept in yesterday because I didn't really have anything better to do.  I got up at noon because my little neighbor and her friends were knocking on my door.  For about five minutes.  After I was finally awake, it cracked me up.  Particularly since they then only played in my yard for maybe ten minutes after all that.

5.  Did you watch the True Blood premiere last night?  I'm annoyed with Eric and his "Fuck Sookie (and not in that good way)" attitude.  But then that's Eric.  Pam's extra bitchy these days too.  Maybe they both have VMS.  And poor Tara just can't catch a break, can she?

6.  I still haven't found my small town romantical series to read.  Fifty Shades was the winner of the recommendations, but while I'm fine with BDSM as a lifestyle, for me personally I don't find it particularly romantical.  Plus, and this is more important, I've heard the writing sucks. 

7.  I did start reading a Krewe of Hunters series by Heather Graham that was decent.  Technically it's supernatural romance but I find the romance kind of flimsy so I've been skimming over those parts.  It's not much more than "Hey!  We're the two main characters, let's instantly fall in love for no particular reason!"   Sadly, a lot of Nora Roberts' are becoming like this too.  At least the backgrounds of canine search and rescue and smokejumping are extremely interesting.  But her latest one, The Witness, didn't hold my interest. 

8.  The only thing really holding my appetite's interest these days is Japanese food.  I wonder if it is the umami of it all. 

9.  I continue to have little to no interest in bananas.  I do not understand.  Have you ever suddenly lost interest in a food you used to love?  Although, given how uninteresting I find a lot of food these days, I wonder if I've suffered some sort of taste bud trauma.

10.  Taste Bud Trauma would be an excellent name for a band.

the CilleyGirl



  1. Taste Bud Trauma IS a good band name. Form a band - be the manager - name them that!

    After Boston I had no desire for food. Everything sounded blah. I just wanted, and this is pathetic, I wanted to eat the super thick crust bland cheese pizza and rice pilaf from the gigantic grocery store by my hotel in Boston. Ever since I just always crave those things and my normal foods weren't satisfactory. Fortunately I still crave that stuff - but I like my regular food again. Phew! Bring on the tots!!

    I've also heard the writing in thos3 50 Shades of old lady porn sucks. But I find enjoyment reading Adam Carolla and Kathy Griffin, so obviously my taste is a bit different than the old lady porn book that is sweeping the nation.

  2. You watch True Blood? Me too! I was not really into the whole Eric screwing his sister, thing... Even though I realize they are not siblings in the traditional sense, but wouldn't it still be incest? However, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised in this show! Was worried about Lafayette being too despondent and not his normal self, but he seemed to come back to himself as the episode went on.