Thursday, June 21, 2012

I am alive. (Kind of.)

Second busiest season of the year at the office for me, so I may be MIA for a couple of weeks.  I already have a serious case of eyestrain, my head is killing me, and I think my ass is getting flatter by the second. 

Biggest news these days is:  drum roll please...  I am moving!

No, not to the big, light and bright place.  I was too stressed over that decision so I pulled my application.  No, I am moving to the other place I really liked.  I absolutely LOVE the layout, I'll have my own garage, and I overlook wetlands so it's nice and quiet.  When you've been living next to a major thoroughfare AND a freeway for six years, you long for the quiet. 

And of course, moving means that I.  Am.  Moving.  My stuff.  And I am really hoping that my real life friends will offer to help.  So if you are one of my chosen few, you would make my year if you would drop me a note saying that you can lend a hand.  Or two.  And a back.  With feet.  Half a day and we'll be done.  I'm even getting rid of the three biggest/heaviest things I own before I move so the rest will be easy peasey.  I pay in pizza and beverages and a favor to be named later.  I may even have the extra bonus offer of snuggles with tiny kittens.*   If you have teens that would otherwise be loitering, I pay $40 plus pizza.  Otherwise I need to hire movers and some times that doesn't go so well.  Pretty please????  It'll be considered a workout that day, you can skip the gym with bliss.

Really, how can you say no?

the CilleyGirl

P.S.  The big day is July 21.  So that you can put it on your calendar and stuff. 

*I guess that's the other big news, at least potentially big news:  I may be adopting two kittens next month.  Details to come after Fourth of July weekend.  Meow!


  1. Okay, AFTER Seattle and I can look at my life - I will totally consider helping out, even though I live 3 days away. Any excuse to hang out with you is a good one (then I can decorate MY room.) - and I read the word pizza in there. Add in tots and I will REALLY be tempted! ;)

  2. Congrats on the upcoming move!

  3. So, like, really and truly - you will have help from Casa del Verde, as long as the boys will be willing to help out while I am out Ragnaring it up in Northern WA.

    And as far as which boys - only the grown one and the youngest one will be around, 'cause Justin is off cooking for the Troops at Meriwether, and Christian will be in the midst of summer classes, and therefore not really able to come home.

    So with one boy being only 10 years old and the other nursing a pre-surgery rotator cuff injury, I'm not sure how that will pan out.

    OTHERWISE you know I would be there with bells on!!