Sunday, January 15, 2012

First miles of 2012 are in the bag!

Did my first run of 2012 yesterday with Jules.  Not all that long -- 3.88 miles -- and not terribly fast -- 0:56:49 -- but pretty good considering (1) it's the first time I've put sneaks to the pavement since the Runaway Half Pumpkin and (2) it was damn cold and raining.  It felt really good; as I told Julie, I was definitely well rested.  Tight legs for the first half mile or so then loose.  A little soreness in my quads today but otherwise all good.  We probably could've done a bit better on the pace but we were chatting a lot; first time we've been able to hang out for several months.   We also held true to form in that our pace had increased by at least a minute per mile by the end of the run. 

According to DailyMile I logged 341.6 miles in 2011.  A lot less than I had been hoping to do but there were also three full months in the year where I didn't run a step:  one month for recovery from the stress fracture, and two months getting over the sinus infection from hell and my year end work deadline.  I hadn't set a goal for miles last year but I had my eye on 600.  I'm hoping to do 600 this year, training for the Rock 'n Roll Portland half in May and hopefully Marine Corps or another marathon in October. 

This coming weekend will kick off my 2012 racing calendar with the Resolution Run 2012
Where everybody gets a medal!  Nice to start the year with some bling, eh?

Thanks to everyone for their comments regarding my recent losses.  I felt a lot better after writing down how I was feeling.  While some days are better than others, I'm still making it one day at a time.

the CilleyGirl

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  1. Here's a toast to your first miles! I predict a good 2012 for us and our running. After last year this IS our year!!

    And crazy as it is, I am excited for Shamrock! -- mostly just because we get to have a reunion!