Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Where did December go?

I tend to have a loose grip on the concept of time throughout the year thanks to my job and by the month of December all bets are off.  I'm so focused on my year-end deadline -- officially December 31 but your mileage may vary due to how the holiday/weekend falls -- that I forget about every other date in December.  Mainly, Christmas.  Or Hanukkah, if you swing that way.  Or whatever.

Anyhow.  The fallout from the recent personnel change at work has not been so bad, at least from my perspective.  Which is really the only perspective that counts, right?  Seriously though.  Do you work with -- or are you -- someone who, if they had to replace you, it would take more than one person to fill their shoes?  Or, conversely, do you work with someone where you have a sneaking suspicion that their job could be done by a hamster on crack with ADD?  So far, we've fallen somewhere in between. 

I've found out about a few "WTF??  Why would you do things like that???" things where clearly the time, she was a'being wasted.   I don't know if resulted from her taking over a convoluted process that she never changed to make more efficient or maybe she just liked reinventing the wheel on a regular basis, but there are some things.....  I'm all about not wasting time, mainly because I am inherently lazy.  I've got better things to do with myself.  If I can do it faster, better, stronger, I will.  Because I am the Six Million Dollar Woman.  And because why on earth wouldn't you?

Maybe it's a consequence of the results-oriented work environment we have in this country.  Where keeping your ass in your chair for forty hours a week is all that really matters.  If TPTB were to find out it only took you 20 hours a week to do your job, you would't exactly advertise that.  If you took you 60 hours a week to do your job, you would do things faster, right?  If you had to fit it all into 40 hours, I mean.  Is this making any sense?  Long story short (too late!), my uninformed opinion is that about 20 hours worth of work a week was being stretched into an average of 45.  I still don't know where or how we're going to squish that extra 20 into the rest of our work lives but it is better than 60. 

It still leaves me shaking my head, though. 

Well, as I said I'm focused on getting through to January 3.  Odds are not looking good that I will make the January 1 resolution runs.  So far, I'm not sad about that either.  It's been fairly chilly here in the PNW lately.  I'd rather catch up on my sleep under a nice, toasty down comforter :)

the CilleyGirl


  1. I took over a woman who left this job and did mine AND hers simultaneously. How on earth she made it all seem so hard, I will never know. We did some switching around and now I do her job full time and seriously, she was making it way harder! Or creating busy work.

  2. I agree with you. At my old job, people were impressed if you stayed and worked "overtime" in a salaried job. Ha! The better employees are the ones that get it done (well) and get the hell out of there on time.