Monday, December 12, 2011

Whatta Monday

I'm trying to stay awake through my last hour or so at work so I thought I'd pop in here.  I'm sleepy because of the benedryl, and I took benedryl because we got our office Christmas tree (or winter solstice bush, if you prefer) yesterday and I am allergic to evergreens.  Good thing I live in the Pacific Northwest, you're saying?  Yeah, outside trees don't bug me (except in high pollen season) unless I rub one all over me.  Then that's bad.  But inside there's a lot less air and too much pollen/tree/mold/whatever.  Around 3:00 I started wheezing and I don't have my inhaler with me (note to self:  bring inhaler to work tomorrow) so I dug some little pink pills. 

And now I'm not as wheezy or snorfelly (that's a word, really) but I'm ready to pass out on my keyboarrrrrrrrrrrrrdrfsdasfdasdflkaoie ,mna,mncliux,kanlkldlkja.

Friday we had a lovely shakeup at work.  This is a really small office.  My boss, another attorney who works part time, me doing legal work full time, an office manager full time, a part time bookkeeper, and a secretary/data entry/file clerk/receptionist who is a temp and works a little less than full time. 

Ten minute after getting here on Friday morning, I am now the only full time employee.  We no longer have a business manager.  The plan to divide up her job duties?  There isn't one.  "We're just all going to pitch in a little."  Because, you know, she didn't do anything actually important and vital that we might want to make sure keeps getting done on a regular basis or anything.

And no, I still have yet to sit down with my boss to discuss being compensated for the last three people that left and I absorbed a big chunk of their jobs.  Now there's four.  Bah. 

And being the type of person who prefers to have all the trains run on time, I'm stepping up to herd the various cats around.  I guess I don't have to; I'm not obligated and I could just let it all blow up to hell.  But I know that that would cause me infinitely more stress in the long run.  Better to be my responsible self and try to make sense of this all.

But I WILL get paid for this.  Dammit.

the CilleyGirl


  1. You need the raise! It's been going on for ages that we think you need one. Now it really IS time for sure!! What craziness!

  2. I sure hope you can get a raise in this stupid economy. Good luck!