Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Whimsical Wednesday

'Nuff said!

Although I do have a few things while I"m thinking about it.  Anyone having problems commenting?  Jules mentioned this morning that she has problems with Blogger recognizing her when she tries to comment here; I'm trying to figure out if the problem is with my site or what. 

We did not make it to yoga last night -- although we are set up for next Tuesday night -- but we did make the four miler this morning.  I think we ran a total of five laps over the four miles, including two laps (half mile) at once.  Still a very slow pace overall, primarily because of our walk to and from the track, but we kept a steady mid-13 minute pace during the runs.  Julie was feeling a little draggy so we didn't walk as quickly overall -- usually she sets the walking pace because she walks a little faster than I do, and I usually set the running pace along those same lines.  Tomorrow is another three miler and we're planning to drop back to only running three laps so as not to push it.

I was planning to wear my aircast today for the compression but then there was this whole dog-poop-on-the-running-shoes thing (I had to apologize to the dog I blamed for tracking crap into the house earlier; it was me) and I got my shoe all wet while trying to clean it.  Since those are the only shoes that really work with the aircast, I had to bag it for today.  If my shoe is dry at lunchtime I'll probably put the cast on then.  Just a little soreness in the leg this morning but otherwise not bad.  Yay!

the CilleyGirl


  1. No commenting problems for me.
    Poor puppies. Here they are wondering why their mommy is freaking out about poo when the whole time they know she is the reason it is there! ;)

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