Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's a Take Back My Rack Tuesday!!

Now introducing Take Back My Rack Tuesdays!!  Aren't you excited?!?!?

I knew you were!!

And what do we write about on Take Back My Rack Tuesdays?  We write about what we (I) am doing to take back my rack.  As in running.  Yay!!!!

I love that picture.

Yes, I had my first run in about nine weeks, since the advent of the stress fracture.  I think my last run was May 3rd or 4th.  So, about nine weeks.

How did it go?  Guess!

Julie and I got together on Sunday and mapped out our Portland Marathon training schedule.  The goal was to get ourselves ready without dying.  Or developing a stress fracture.  Kind of tough to do when the race is in less than 90 days but we tweaked and tweaked and ended up with a workable plan.  Which began yesterday with a three mile run that was more walking than running.  We're both starting from Square One and, you know, stress fracture.  Out of the three miles, we ran a total of three quarters of a mile. 

For being out of shape, we didn't do too bad on the running, maybe 1:30 pace per mile slower than where we were at when I had to drop out of training for Vancouver.  Overall, we were running at more or less marathon pace; all we have to do is do that for 26.2 miles. 

My leg felt good during the three miles and still feels good today.  A little calf tenderness behind and below the spot of the stress fracture but otherwise fine.  I want to continue to ease into things for the first few weeks since going from zero to 15 miles in a week is a big adjustment.  We're also adding in yoga, which hopefully will start tonight.  Very glad to be starting up with training again as I got on the scale this morning and my weight was waaaaay up there.  Although it is almost that TOM so that could be part of it.

Bite me, kitty!

the CilleyGirl


  1. Wait. I just realized you say MARATHON and not half! And then I see you said it is less than 90 days away. Did you see all the color drain from my face as I almost fell over? I still have TWO half marathons to run (plus a 5K, Warrior Dash & 10K) BEFORE Portland is here. OMG, I am insane. You two might have to just scoop me up off of a sidewalk during Portland. Maybe throw me over your shoulder and just kick me off somewhere around my finish line?

    I'm glad you're back! And I'm glad you posted that kitty picture over and over. It is rad!

  2. Ronda -

    Not sure who will really be doing the "scooping" - so to speak! You've been a lot more busy "bringin' in the bling" than we have of late!

    p.s. I agree about the kitty picture....


  3. you




    Anyone that can run a full marathon with the injuries and constraints you had last year - will kick ass whenever and however they want.

    Stress fracture will not stop you. You will walk the damn thing if you have to...and there is no less glory in that...probably more.

    Kick ass jumping kitty!