Monday, February 28, 2011

Marathon Training - Week 1

It's finally here -- the start of marathon training!  So far, it has been an absolute and total success, largely in part because the first day is a rest day.  Am I an awesome planner or what?

Monday - Rest.

Tuesday - 3.0 miles.

Wednesday - Rest.

Thursday - 4.0 miles.

Friday - 3.0 miles.

Saturday - Rest.

Sunday - 5.0 miles.  Just saw a notice for a Winery Run and Brunch down in Eugene I'm interested in checking out.  Anybody up for it?

I'm supposed to have a cross training day in there on Tuesday, but my plan is to work that in about four weeks from now.  I just know I can't go from zero workouts to five and stick with that for 16 weeks.  Gotta ease into it, just a smidge. 

Yesterday I had a fabulous run with Jules.  We did about 2/3rds of Terwilliger, including the big scary hill.  A little under five miles in a little over an hour.  The weather was perfect for running, actually got overheated just a bit at one point but then the wind kicked back up again and all was good.  On Saturday I finally found a pair of cold weather running tights -- all the others I saw were too long or too long / with an awful camel toe thing going on -- that I wore on Sunday and they were perfect.  I almost wish I had a pair just for lounging around the house, they were that toasty.  But not sweaty-toasty. 

On the Terwillinger hill, it's funny.  Except for the last downhill (or uphill, depending) part, I don't really think of it as being a hill.  That's because it's gradual and lonnnnngggggg.  Close to a mile long.  It's the energizer bunny of hills.  The best part is going down all of that because you feel like you're 100% in peak condition.  Then you turn around and head back up, which is the steepest part but not too bad.  You finally get to the top of that and think "I did it!" and then you keep going and going and going and going.  Eventually you're thinking "when the hell will this go back down?"  And now you're not feeling very in shape any more.  The nice part is that there are lots and lots of poles, so you can motivate yourself to run to that pole... then that pole.... then walk to that pole....  then run to that pole...

It feels good to be running again.  My hip was a little sore as usual, but not that horrible grinding feeling I've had the last few times.  I have a few sore muscles today -- mainly the front of my shins, probably from the hills -- but nothing serious as long as I can get up and move every couple of hours. 

In other news.... I'm about 80% towards committing to do the Portland Marathon.  I would be doing it for fun (ha!) rather than any kind of time goal.  I think that would lessen my anxiety about the St. Johns Bridge.  I'm still looking at my schedule and thinking on it...

Today's post was brought to you by the ellipses.  When you need a dramatic pause, use an ellipses....

the CilleyGirl....


  1. happy first week of marathon training!!

  2. PortlandPortlandPortlandPortland!!

    (toldja you were in for it now.)

  3. Congrats on week 1. Are you following any particular training plan?

  4. I am using the same program I did for Eugene last year, from the non-runners marathon training book I have by Whitsett, et al.

  5. So is all this Terwilliger stuff the same road will be running next weekend??

    OMG - NEXT weekend! Wow - I focused on the Half so much that this one is really sneaking right in. I'm glad I bought us our props last night!