Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Countdown to Shamrock!

Looks like the plan is set:  the Little Fruit Fly is going to stay at Chez CilleyGirl and da Mutts for the Shamrock 15K.  Yay!!  This will be the first time we've met in person, so it will be fun!  I'll have to sharpen up that axe....

As part of the festivities, I thought it would be fun to invite other Portland area runners (or those running Shamrock that weekend) to join us for either a pre-race dinner or a post-race brunch.  For dinner, pasta seems like the natural choice.  I'm thinking Nonna Emilia out in Aloha off of TV Highway.  Good food and lots of it at a decent price.  There is also always the Olive Garden, but for better or for worse it is a chain restaurant.  Another good local pasta join is that one in downtown Beaverton -- Giovanni's.  The challenge in this is that I am a dedicated carnivore and the LFF is a veg head.  It seems that Italian restaurants have largely resisted the Portland tendency towards having a vegetarian menu selection.

For brunch, Mother's would be the obvious choice except... after Shamrock it will be absolutely PACKED.  After I run 15K, I'm not terribly eager to be stuffed in a tiny lobby for an hour-plus waiting for a table.  So I think Seasons & Regions off Capitol Highway would be a better choice.  It's an easy, short drive and their brunches are fabulous.  They have a whole benedict section in their menu; what more could you want??

Anyone interested in joining us?  (Jules, you don't get a choice -- you're coming!!)  If so, let me know!

the CilleyGirl


  1. Sounds like great fun for all! Enjoy and good luck on your run!!!

  2. Hmmmm.....I vote for the post-race pig-out.

    Although Nonna Emilia sounds good too, and it's so close to my house! But they're a bit pricey, I think.....?

    We need to chat. Are we planning to take on Terwilliger Blvd. this weekend.....?

    Also, the Foot Traffic Expo on Saturday!!! Yes?

  3. The good thing about me is that I eat like a kid. I usually just order plain pasta - so even the meatiest of places can accommodate me!

    I am soooo happy that my legs feel great after the half! I mean this race isn't going to be any piece of cake with all of those hills, but I feel better knowing I'm going into it feeling healthy!

    I can't wait to meet the dogs. I'll bring my pepper spray to protect me from you! ;)