Monday, February 21, 2011

It's Bunday!

Howdy hey everyone.  Hope you are having a wonderful Monday wherever you are.  We have sun here, high above the Portland metro area.  It looks like it's still fairly socked in down in the valley.  We get both better and worse weather up where I am.  And they're forecasting snow yet again for later this week.  Huh?  Well, we told you those groundhogs don't know anything. 

I am status quo.  Eating remains an adventure.  I have really really good days and then okay days.  I think I've had fast food maybe once in the past month or so, so that is better.  I've had pizza a few too many times, though.  Today was my fourth weekly weigh in where I didn't gain or lose a single ounce.  While it would be nice to see some losses, I thought for sure I would've gained five pounds so status quo is good. 

Still can't get my head back into running and exercise, which is not good.  Training starts February 28th.  I am hoping that once again the fear of the 26.2 will motivate me.  Well, it's not fear of the distance so much as that I know I can't just wing it.  You have to put in the training.  And I do love racing.  I know I'd love it a lot more if I actually was back in shape. 

In other news, I've been looking ahead to the days when my dogs are no longer with me.  For a long time, I've wanted to have a rabbit.  Or two.  So I've been perusing a lot of bunny blogs.  Some of you might be reading this because I've started following your bunny blog.  It may be a while before I'm ready for bunny slavedom, in the interim I'm researching what it takes.  I love bunnies.  It's not that they're cute and cuddly.  It's that bunnies will kick your ass.  But not many people realize this.  This is how bunnies will take over the world.  And I want to be on their good side when it happens.

the CilleyGirl


  1. I had a bunny once! He was huge, white with pink eyes and floppy ears. He had really big bunny balls, too. At the time I didn't realize that's what that was!

  2. Bunny balls? LOL!!! I guess I never thought of a bunny having balls...