Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Moses supposes his toes are roses

I am signed up for a Hallowe'en themed 5K at the end of the month.  I signed up for this race because of (a) the awesome medal (a glow in the dark coffin that opens) and (b) it's the day before my birthday.  I had thought to do the Couch25K plan for this, then I collapsed in a puddle of my own nasal goo.  As in, sinus infection!  Or probably more accurately, the same sinus infection I've had for about five years now that gets partly better but never all the way but I've developed such a high threshold when it comes to my sinuses that I don't really comprehend that I'm still sick until I can barely get out of bed and/or stay awake all day.

Yay me!

Took the five days of prednisone and the ten days of antibiotics.  Felt amazing for the first five days, which you might notice coincides with stopping the prednisone.  Felt so-so through the end of the antibiotics, then gradually not so great in the few days since.  But, I've finally bitten the bullet (very metallic taste, don't recommend biting bullets) and committed to fixing this sinus shit once and for all.  This morning I had an appointment with an ENT -- that's Ear, Nose and Throat -- where I had (I think) a nasal endoscopy.  I'm not sure, because I think I just had the look-see part of it; apparently it can also be used to do things in there more than look around.  It looks like a flexible tiny telescoping telescope.  Which is basically what it is.

Good news is I don't have gigantic gnomes living in my sinuses.  Or even tiny gnomes.  No polyps either, just a massive amount of swelling and some puddles of infection. There is a small physical thing which normally wouldn't be an issue but with the swelling it's cutting off airflow.  Science is fun!  I also learned that you have to wait about 45 minutes after having your nasal passages and throat anesthetized because, choking.

The long and the short of it (mostly the long) is that they're going to culture the goo from my head and then put me on a month-long course of targeted antibiotics.  Targeted, as in antibiotics for whatever particular bugs are teeming in my goo.  Most common is strep.  Also possible is MRSA.  So that should be fun!  To go with the antibiotics I'll have a 30 day course of prednisone too.

Hopefully I will be feeling much better by the 5K and be able to run part of it.  And, continue to torture my cat:

He actually kind of liked being dressed up like a purple furry spider.

He didn't like the hood -- every time I pulled it up he'd tip his head back -- and it's kind of heavy and hot for him, but otherwise he was in it for about ten minutes before I took pity on him.  I think he'll wear one without a hood just fine (mwuhahahahahahaha).  Josie on the other hand (or paw, ba dump bump!) is still keeping her distance.

the CilleyGirl


  1. This is hilarious!! Not you and your goo -- but the handsome cat turning purple!!

    I hope you get that shit out of your nose ASAP! Sounds miserable. And I hope it isn't MRSA, isn't that the super nasty thing??

    What time are you signed up to run? My friend Chanelle is doing it and wanted me to ask you when you're doing it!

    1. Ooh, the early one! If I had been in state I was going to do the night one. She's doing the 2? 2:30? Whatever is in that afternoon time.