Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Better living through chemistry, Chapter 1,072

Today I started half of the megadoses of sinus infection fighting drugs.  And if you've ever wondered what a big freaking dose of prednisone looks like, it looks like the dose I took this morning.  Before, at most I had to take two pills in one dose.  Now I have four.  I was happy that this was the first day since -- well, since the last time I took prednisone -- that I haven't felt like my head was going to explode, but apparently prednisone can be used to treat migraines and tension headaches.  Still a yay all around, right?

As a side note, never read the side effects for any drug you are taking -- that you are going to keep taking -- in any depth.  Apparently I am at a high risk to turn into a large blob of sugary jelly over the next 30 days.

The pharmacy could not fill my prescription for the antibiotics; they didn't have enough on hand to complete the prescription.  I'm not sure if that means that they put me on some really serious antibiotic, or just an uncommon one.  I mean, you'd hope your pharmacy has on hand plenty of the antibiotics needed to combat stuff like anthrax and MRSA.  If I'm just on one that fights boogers, that's okay that they didn't have enough in stock, particularly if they needed more room for the anthrax/MRSA ones.  It's all about the trade off.

Anybody have any experience with taking a steroid or antibiotic long term?  Was it just a barrel of laughs?

the CilleyGirl

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