Friday, July 19, 2013

Working for a living

I think they've been working me way too hard at the office...

Are you excited to end another week?  Me too!  I am off to Bend to visit friends and their dogs for a couple of days and am looking forward to having Monday off.  As you may have guessed, things are not slow at the office.  This is actually my new office mate, Slim.  I don't think my boss has noticed him sitting across from my desk yet.

Plodding along with other stuff.  My body seems to think it has an abundance of sodium at the moment.  My fingers are extremely swollen and stiff.  I've been drinking fluids but so far no relief.  It's probably congestive heart failure or something like that.

After throwing away much too much food lately, I decided to try something a little different.  As a preface, remember the scene in Lethal Weapon II where Mel Gibson follows Patsy Kensit (the little blonde secretary from the South African embassy) to the market and they have a conversation where she says that she shops every day because she never knows what she'll be hungry for one day to the next.  I can relate.  I used to be able to plan and shop for meals for at least a week and then stick to that pretty well.  Not anymore.  I find myself going to the store a lot but instead of buying just for the short term I still shop like I'm going to follow through on planning ahead.  And I end up tossing a lot.  I swear I should just bring bananas into the house and immediately throw them in the garbage.

So my plan now is to think ahead no more than three days at a time.  This was my first week doing that and it actually turned out fairly well.  Last Friday I had made a big meatloaf and then on Saturday made a big potato salad.  Sunday evening I had enough leftover for dinner that night plus three lunches plus a bowl of potato salad leftover to have with another entree.  Monday and Tuesday I had the lunches.  One of those nights I had the rest of the potato salad plus some protein, a turkey burger patty I think.  Tuesday I wasn't hungry in the evening so I had turkey burger again and some fruit.  Wednesday I was in Salem on business and so had lunch out with my boss on the way back to Portland.  Wednesday evening on a whim I stopped at the store and picked up breakfast fixings for dinner and had that Wednesday and Thursday evening.  Yesterday I felt like sushi so I had that for lunch.  And now today I brought the last of the originally planned lunches which, had I stuck to the plan, would've been eaten before now.  Nothing tossed out, a little flexibility but not so much that I (a) spent a ton of money (maybe $25 between sushi lunch and two breakfast-for-dinners) and (b) ended up tossing stuff out.  I do though need to take a pint of strawberries, some romaine, and a cucumber with me to my friends to eat this weekend.  But still, not bad *and* I didn't eat a bunch of fast food either.

How often do you shop for groceries?  Like grocery shopping or hate it?  Do you go with a plan or where the whim takes you?

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

the CilleyGirl

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  1. Ok - looks like your blog will let me post again!


    Anyway, I hear ya on the meal planning. As for me, I should probably just go shopping every day for the next day. My moods change that freaking fast. And I am not strong enough to say "no" to running out to buy lunch somewhere if the PB&J or whatever I brought in as a planned lunch doesn't appeal to me.....

    I guess this is where that "discipline" thing comes in.....

    Anyway, Bend! Yay!

    See you soon.