Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Random Thoughts for a Wednesday

1.  Having to extend your vacation unexpectedly can sometimes be a good thing.  Like,  "We've been selected to receive a free additional night's stay and I don't have to work tomorrow anyway, yay!"   Not so fun when it's "I almost couldn't get my car to go back into gear as I hurtled down a mountain pass in the dark at 65 mph and nobody is open on a weekend anymore for car repairs except for (luckily) the Aamco transmission service center (convenient since I needed a new master cylinder for my clutch as it was cracked and all the fluid had leaked out on my drive to Bend) but they can't get the part until maybe Tuesday) and I was supposed to go home on Monday, fuck me!"  Enforced idleness sucks rocks.

2.  So as you may have guessed, my three day relaxing weekend in Bend with friends turned into a somewhat stressful four day weekend in Bend with friends as I waited for news on my car.  But they had it done by noon on Tuesday at just over half of the original estimate, meaning I really should get my cats into the vet soon for their annual checkups.

3.  Welcome to the world, Prince George Alexander Louis.  I wanted to be on record to say, I bet they'll call him Alex.

4.  Despite the car drama, it was a good weekend.  My friend S had done the Whole30 with me earlier this year and discovered that life is better without wheat.  I ended up eating mostly gluten-free this weekend, at first inadvertently and then intentionally.  My stomach was much happier and a lot of the bloat started going away.  I'm working hard to continue with it.

5.  We also did some of their tour of homes, went on a lovely short hike, and floated the Deschutes River.  I'm a bit sunburned but mainly in the spots where I missed with the sunscreen.  I have some odd tan lines right now.  Happily we did the hike, with its great views of Mt. Bachelor and mumble mumble mumble before the latest fire down there took hold.  It was extremely hazy in Bend yesterday and it's not so great here in PDX either.

6.  Did I mention I've been reading Mark Sisson's 21 day Primal Challenge book?  While I will be going back to paleo/primal, I don't think I'm going to do the specific challenge.  "Go outside and do 20 jumping jacks then sprint for 30 seconds!"  "Fuck you!"  In other words, it's too much like personal training for my tastes, and you all know how I feel about personal training.  But I can do the eating and start moving again.  It felt great to be out hiking Monday night, although I need to carry my asthma inhaler with me for any exercise now.

7.  I'm going to hell (if there is one, that is).  Just read an article about a woman, the Guiness record holder for number of shoe-related items, was found dead in her pool, and her half-her-age boyfriend is suspected of her murder.  My first question of "Was her pool shoe-shaped too?" was not addressed in the article.  Details, people!

8.  Pretty sure Anthony Weiner needs therapy.  Is this man compelled to send texts of his junk?

9.  I've been craving Chinese food and that's a tough order when you (a) don't like a lot of vegetables in Chinese food and (b) really really really like all the fried/sugary sauce dishes.  Last night I discovered that Happy Family helps with all of that.  I picked out the celery and zucchini and had plenty left over with the mushrooms, water chestnuts, and carrots plus the protein of scallops, shrimp, chicken, and beef.  Probably not entirely gluten free (and I did have a few bites of rice and some sweet 'n sour sauce with a few slices of BBQ pork) but it's a helluva lot better than what I usually have.

And speaking of food, I hope lunch shows up soon...

the CilleyGirl


  1. I heard Mark Sisson speak once and while his ideas sounded very grounded in reality, I hesitate to believe some of his reasoning. It sounded very romantic rather than scientific. Regardless, it seems to have worked for him, so who am I to rain on his parade?