Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thirteen Things Thursday: The Dogmeat Edition

1.  My legs feel like dogmeat.  I don't really know what dogmeat is per se, or even if it is one or two words, but my legs feel like it. 

2.   Then I started to feel like dogmeat.  I thought at first it was a bad kitten-inspired allergy attack but there aren't any kitten allergens at work (including none on my clothes) yet I felt awful all day yesterday.  Realized I'm probably getting sick.  Sore throat this morning seems to confirm it.

3.  I blame the move and a lack of hydration for all of this.  I'm trying to stay off my feet as much as possible and I've taken three Endurolyte capsules plus downed 32 ounces of Nuun today. 

4.  My runs this week have consequently sucked big green slimy donkey dongs.  Tuesday I managed to limp my way through four miles but my lower legs were completely swollen and I had persistent leg and foot cramps the entire time.  Slowest.  Four.  Miles.  Ever.  Today I cut my four miler short a little over halfway through it because I just felt like crying.  I am determined to get past this.

5.  Another 32 ounces of Nuun on tap!

6.  The kitties are settling in nicely.  I know I said I'd have pics this week but the little bastards cutie pies won't sit still long enough.  I think I've got them named:  Rudy and Little Bit.  Rudy is short for Rudy Valentino because he is such a lover.  It's also short for Rude Boy because while he is loving on you he tends to rub his butt all over your face.  And the past couple of days he's had gas.  So, Rudy.  With the girl I was trying out Daisy yesterday but I keep calling her Little Bit because she's so much smaller and daintier than Rudy and I think that one's going to stick. 

7.  Still absolutely loving my new apartment.  I am so happy I went with this place over that really big apartment.  Here, I have plenty of room including my own garage and a second dedicated parking place and also lots of light plus a fantastic view of the wetlands.  I'll have even more room once I finish unpacking, which has been going slowly the past few days because I've felt lousy and was trying to stay off my feet.  The lion's share of the boxes are all books and should go quickly. 

8.  Earlier this week I bought a bed for the guest room.  It won't be here for my guests this weekend but soon after.  So RR, that just means you have to come up again to test it out!

9.  Julie and I signed up for the Eugene Womens Half again this year.  Anyone else running it?  We're planning to get those mimosas and chocolate and free massages this year.  Even if we have to stage an assault and use Julie's husband to do it.  Hoping to finally get my sub-three half with this one. 

10.  Forgot to add that the kitties are destroying my house as we speak trapped under something heavy enjoying their first day of freedom from the bathroom quarantine.  It got fairly warm in the house yesterday and pretty stuff in that bathroom for them yesterday.  I also feel guilty having them closed up all day long and then all night long too.  After several evenings where they hadn't toppled anything on top of themselves or destroyed anything, I figured I'd see if they were ready to be out during the day.  The bedrooms are closed off -- too many boxes -- but otherwise they have the run of the place.  If it goes well today, I'll let them stay out overnight too. 

11.  I'm thinking chinese food for lunch.  If I ever get out of here for lunch.  Right now I'm learning everything I never wanted to know about qualification and disqualification of special assessment of exclusive farm use zone land for property tax purposes.  Oh, the excitement.

12.  The Olympics start tomorrow night! 

13.  Just pretend I said something witty to close this out.  'Cause otherwise, I got nothing.

the CilleyGirl


  1. So we both have the sore throat thing now! It's perfect that I'm coming up this weekend then. Neither of us can pass it on to the other since we've both got it!

    Hey - side convo - send me your new address! I'm coming up Saturday morning. I'll leave real early - but I just have to camp out on Friday night watching the Opening Ceremonies!!

    Can't wait to have Rudy rub that little kitty butt all over me!

  2. Aw, sorry that you are feeling sick and your annoying runner friend is texting you about Saturday's race. All this kitty talk is making me sneeze.

    Maybe you can get back to the Rack with RR this weekend for some retail therapy? I know it sure made me feel good on Tuesday.