Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday Thirteen

Haven't done one of these in a while...

1.  Today I am wearing slacks that I haven't worn in several months because I figured they'd be too snug.  They're the skinniest slacks I have and my other ones weren't fitting well so these would've had to be off the menu as well.  Today they're a little loose, so yay, although I haven't really lost any weight.  But I have noticed my clothes fitting better since I stopped marathon training.  What's up with that?

2.  The radio station I usually listen to at work started playing Christmas music yesterday.  Bleah!  No Christmas until after Thanksgiving at the earliest.  Heck, in my family it's typically no Christmas until December 17, this being because my Dad's birthday is December 16 and the habit kind of stuck out of deference to him.  So I popped out the Pandora, looking for something peppy, something snappy.  I was hoping for some classic rock, but somehow whenever I start out with that on Pandora it inevitably morphs into emo rock, like Creed and crap.  Which Creed is fine and rocks and all but in an emo way.  I decided to start instead with my boys, the Monkees, and go from there.  MUCH better!  Everybody's so happy in those songs and singing about it in three part harmony.  Right now is a live version of "Here Comes the Sun."  And it has, y'all.  It has.

3.    I don't think I'm going to do the Turkey Trot at the Zoo this year.  For one thing, I just went to the zoo.  For the other, packet pickup is such a hassle -- it's only on Wednesday and I have to try to fight my way over to the zoo and back during my lunch hour to do it.  I do still want to run on Thanksgiving though so I may do the one in Tigard that morning instead.  For that race, first 300 to register get a pie!  And it's also only $25 and starts at 9:30.  It's chip timed too.  AND it's on my nemesis course in Cook Park.  Hmmm....

4.  I'm going to shill for Swagbucks again.  Since I joined at the end of May, I have earned enough points for $50 worth of Amazon gift cards.  That's free money people!  I earn most of my points by using Swagbucks as my web search engine (it's hooked up with Google) and by surveys.  It's so easy and you don't get flooded with spam, etc. for doing it.  If you sign up, tell them cilleygirl (at) comcast (dot) net sent you.

5.  I'm still pondering what I'm going to do for Thanksgiving itself.  Been thinking about going up to the ranch, but it's a six hour drive each way and there may be snow in the pass.  I'm checking with my bestie from high school who lives up that way to see if she'll be in town for the holiday weekend.  If she won't be, then I probably won't go up there.  The drive is really draining, especially if the weather is bad.

6.  I love my job.  Still working on a raise, but I do love my job.  And I'm good at it.

7.  Did you hear that couples are flocking to Vegas so they can get married on 11-11-11? 

8.  Students are rioting to protest the firing of Joe Paterno?  I had no idea so many students were for facilitating child rape.  Have they read the allegations?  One of the assistant coaches reported he actually witnessed Sandusky assaulting a 10 year old kid IN THE PENN STATE SHOWERS.  TEN YEARS OLD.  You know what tips the scales on the rape of a child, is more worthy?  ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING.   Least of all football.  Get some perspective, you dumbfucks.

9.  Sorry, but the whole failure to report sexual assaults on college campuses really pisses me off.  Particularly since I have a vagina on me at all times.

10.  And there is Herman Cain.  Enough said.  I'm still annoyed over the whole Clarence Thomas thing.  I don't care about what anyone does legally with a consenting adult.  But other than that.  Sexual harrassment means this guy believes that women are worth less than men.  Yes, please, I want that as my president.  Gah.

11.   Take a deep breath now.  Okay, I'm trying to get back to your regularly scheduled programming.  Here, check out this photo of child star Jonathan Lipnicki.  Yowza!  Reminds of Jerry O'Connell's transformation a decade or so ago.  And that of Anthony Michael Hall.  Remember when he turned up all buff in Edward Scissorhands

12.  The Muppets are coming!!!  There, that makes me happier.  I may have to go see that movie on Thanksgiving weekend.

13.  Ambien also makes you run marathons.  I speak from personal experience on that one.

the CilleyGirl


  1. Love the Muppets. Now, I must go run, been putting it off for two hours since I was relieved of my civil service.

  2. Get the pie! Get the pie! -- at least at the pie race you shouldn't have birdies trying to eat you!

    I heard a mother of a Penn State student (daughter) BLAMING the PARENTS of the young boys. What the freaking hell?? Seriously? People are so blinded by something as stupid as football.

  3. ha! I heart you!!!! :) Our minds are so similar and I love it :)