Monday, November 21, 2011


Howdy everyone!  Did you have a fabulous weekend filled with fun stuff?

Yeah, me neither.  Laundry, bills, grocery shopping.

Yep, yesterday I pilgrimaged to the store to find a bird to sacrifice to the gods of haute cuisine.  Or, in my case, hot cuisine. 

Ha ha!  I crack myself up sometimes. 

Sometimes?  Who am I kidding?  All the times.

Anyhow, my fridge now holds a 12ish pound free range turkey.  Not so free anymore though, are ya?  In more ways than one:  Ollie was a $1.99 a pound. 

Why Ollie?  Because everyone names their turkey Tom.   And Ollie lends itself so well to post-feast rhymes.  Like "Goodness gracious golly, delicious was ol' Ollie!"  And, um, "We've eaten Ollie, now let's put up some holly!"

Whatever.  I'm much better with limericks.

I'm flying solo this holiday and am looking forward to it.  You know, with family you get (hopefully) good food but all the attendant drama.  If you go to friends you tend to get better company but the food may not be right.  Like if they only serve stuffing, no mashed potatoes.  Or no black olives with which to decorate your fingers.  Or other weird stuff; everybody's got their Thanksgiving quirk.  Plus, you get their drama. 

So, on my own. 

I'm usually pretty basic with the bird -- garlic, butter, sage -- but I think this year I will try a sugar-and-spice-cured turkey recipe that I found.  It means I'll have to get up a normal hour (i.e., before noon) to feel up the bird with various sugar and spices but then I can have breakfast and still be hungry for dinner.  As you may have suspected, my holiday weekend shopping included the fixin's for eggs benedict.  Because I can

My other Thanksgiving staples are mashed potatoes with giblet gravy and rolls.  That's it.  I've never been into stuffing since my parents always put in the evil onions and celery (ugh!).  My stepdad hates cranberry sauce so while we'd usually have that jelly kind straight out of the can for my mom, I never got into that either.  Sometimes there would be one of those green bean casseroles, but usually we just had turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, and rolls.  I'm not even doing a pumpkin pie this year; I've had a craving for apple and you can get away with having that for breakfast (or pre-breakfast, as the case may be) so I don't feel horribly guilty if I eat the whole pie over the course of the long weekend. 

I've decided not to do a Thanksgiving run this year.  The weather forecast is for SUCK and I'm pretty sure my sinuses are rotting from the inside out.  Being out in the cold and wet holds no appeal for me right now.  I've been mainlining Vitamin C, trying to hold on to whatever level of health I'm at right now. 

Any turkey day plans out there you want to share?

the CilleyGirl


  1. Here's my Thanksgiving list of food I actually eat.

    Black olives by the dozens. I've been eating about 2 cans a week lately ... by myself. Maybe 2.5 cans.

    Mashed potatoes. Butter.

    Rolls. Butter.

    Stuffing NOT cooked in the turkey - and made with vegetable broth. I pick out all the gross onion and celery.


    And there ya have it! I'm not doing any runs either. Just going to hang with the family, eat, gossip, laugh, play games and probably karaoke!

  2. I am jealous! I would love a solo feast.. I "get" to go to the inlaws. Food will be great and will be hoping for a drama free day! :) I am not doing a run either after seeing the forecast. ITS COLD out there. Was going to do sherwood but no way jose!!!