Thursday, April 7, 2011

Putting my breast foot forward

I've been thinking about my blog and I've been thinking about my boobs.  When I last changed things up (with the blog, not my boobs), I had wanted to focus on getting my sexy back.  The plan was to pursue things that would work towards that.  But lately I realized that that hasn't been my focus, and that I'm okay with that.  I already think I'm pretty damn sexy. 

I did realize that I want smaller breasts.  Well, not realize that right this minute.  After about age 12, I've pretty much always wanted smaller breasts.  While there are many parts of me I want to get smaller through running and a healthy diet, to be honest if someone told me that I could instantly perfect any part of my body (excepting the face), I would choose the girls.  Because I've been able to lose weight everywhere but my breasts.  And they're really freaking damn big.

Plus, it's fun to talk about boobs.  And haven't you always been curious as to how a top heavy woman can also be a runner?  Yeah, me too.  I can explain why most sports bras don't work.  Why the uniboob is a bad thing.  Why women's sizes in tech tees are just a bad idea overall.

So I've made the change. 

I hope you enjoy it.  Plus, boobs.

the CilleyGirl (and the Girls)


  1. Maybe! Maybe you can pass some of your along to me. I'd finally have a cup size and you could have a smaller one? Sounds like a win-win to me!

    I was teased forever by EVERYONE - family included - about my small chest. But once I started running I thought to myself, "Ha, the joke's on them now!" and I'm relieved I don't have to carry extra around on my front. My belly? That's a different story.

  2. LOL!! LOVE the graphic!

    This is awesome!