Thursday, April 21, 2011

And.... I jinxed it.

Well, no run for me this evening.  I should've known not to post my plans, being all virtuous and that.  First, the clouds immediately rolled in.  It's sunny again now and about 49 degrees but Aunt Flo just came to visit.  Well, not so much as came to visit as slapped me upside the head and then began kicking me in the stomach.  So now I have cramps and the beginning of a migraine.

I also forgot to mention in my earlier catsup post that I saw my doctor the day before I left for vacation to go over last fall's blood pressure med changes/statin drug added in stuff.  My triglycerides are back down to normal, below the "oh my god" number they were last fall so the statin is working in that respect.  My bad cholester is good (heh) but my good cholester is low.  And my blood sugar is still inching its way up each year (105 now, I think she said, below 100 is what you want).  Consequences of metabolic syndrome, says my doc, since given the (relatively) healthy way I eat and the (relatively) high amount of exercise I'm getting I should have great stats.  But I don't. 

We talked about how draggy I've been, particularly at the beginning of runs, and she decided perhaps a beta blocker (which slows your heart rate) wasn't the best thing for me anymore.  Long story short (too late!), I'm in the process of weaning off the beta blocker and adding in more lisinopril.  Which has meant return of the dreaded thump-thump-thump headaches.  Before my blood pressure was stabilized beyond a certain point, on a daily basis I could feel the blood pulsing in my head.  It sucks.  Particularly when you are trying to sleep and you have thump-thump-thump at your temples.  On top of that, the increased lisinopril has resulted in a somewhat constant feeling of I'm going to yak.  I almost got to get up close and personal with my grandmother's commode is what I'm saying.  Thankfully, she is an excellent housekeeper.

So I had that going on all during my vacation:  not eating enough, not sleeping enough, inhaling carcinogens for hours at a time -- I believe the French coined the term "malaise" expressly for this kind of thing.

Oh, and my jaw spontaneously went out of whack so I've been clenching my teeth too much and sometimes it hurts when I chew. 

And now I want chocolate.  Bleargh.

Fuck it, I'm going to bed.

the CilleyGirl


  1. Fuck...that sucks!

    I can imagine how awful the headaches must be and how pissed off you are at your body sabotaging you for no good reason.

    I hope your body can recalibrate/adjust itself without the BB's DO eat well and you DO exercise lots...certainly a lot more than me (not a tough challenge!), and a shiteload more than almost everyone else! So unfair. Time to just beat those BB's outta da picture!

    I know about the thumping head and jaw clenching - which I do so much I have a double jointed jaw now...hey hey, calm down boys!...Its just a loud clicky side effect of my meds (AD's) and the headache...well that just sucks ass and no-one knows why or how to make it go away except - pitch dark room, large bed, no TV, music, or human contact, +/- 24 hours.

    I hope you can stay without the BB's for a while to see if your body can stabilise without them. But only if it feels right.

    I think it can, but who the hell am I....just a long lost blog followerr with a family chock full of healthcare professionals (Irish Catholic Aussies - so very few career choices - cop, teacher, nurse or the super smart ones make it to DR or vet) what works for you and experiment with how you feel.

    Feel better soon xoxoxo

    And I hope you feel better are always my inspiration...You just keep on keeping on - like the Energiser (Easter) Bunny. It WILL happen.

  2. I just feel all sorts of stress for you right now.

    I sometimes wonder what will happen with me and blood pressure. I mean mine is in the right spot it is supposed to be, according to the nurse. But I'm already on blood pressure meds for my Meniere's. So I wonder what the future holds with all of that?