Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Moving along

My last post got lots of views but zero comments.  Do you all not like talking about vomit or something?

Life continues to go forward as I work on learning how to deal with this chronic illness.  No return visits to the ER -- yay! -- but the last several days have been very blah, culminating in -- spoiler alert! -- a quick tossing of my cookies.  I think it was the high carb lunch that tipped the scales.  Low carb is what I need to do.  What I will do.

Because of the major blahs, I decided not to try to pull a 15K out of my ass and handed off my Shamrock bib to someone else this year.  Who may become a new running buddy so that's nice!  She's slow like me and lives very close.  I was sad not to be doing my fifth Shamrock race though.  Speaking of running, yes I plan to begin again as I still have April and May races on my calendar.  I feel better today than I have in about a week so finger crossed that that feeling sticks.  One of the more bizarre aspects of this gastroparesis thing is that I can be stuffed and starving at the same time.  I have to listen to the stuffed feeling over the starving feeling, else bad things happen.  I keep telling myself I can have more to eat later if I'm still hungry.  Usually though the stuffed feeling fades and so does the hunger if I do it right, leaving me just right in terms of what my stomach can handle without reversing the process.

I have to admit, it is nice to have a real live medical reason not to be eating a lot of vegetables and fruit.  "No, no salad for me -- doctor's orders!"  Totally wish I'd had this excuse when I was a kid.  Okay, not really.

the CilleyGirl


  1. Are they still thinking gastroparesis? Hope the Drs can get you all straightened out soon!

  2. That has to be horrible to be full and starving at the same time :( On the plus side, a health reason to turn down brussle sprouts! That's something, right?

    And yay for finding a possible new running buddy! I wish I could find one in my area, but no luck yet...