Saturday, January 4, 2014

Apparently I was very well rested.

This morning was the New Yearathon 5K and all I can say about my performance is that I must have been very well rested because I finished in 0:45:58 and ran all but about six minutes of that.  I ran slowly, but I ran it.

As I was running -- and wondering why I was still running -- I was trying to figure out how many times I ran in 2013.  I guessed six.  Garmin says:  five.  And crazy running too:  two miles, two miles, the Shamrock 15K, the Portland Rock 'n Roll Half, and then the Halloweenathon 5K.  Apparently if there are races, I will go.  So, good on me for my 2014 plan, eh?

Oh, and out of those five times, all but one were slower than what I ran today.  Only the 15K had a faster pace, by six seconds per mile.  Crazy!

This is the massive bling I earned this morning.  It's a little bigger than my palm and weighs a few pounds.  I could beat people to death with it!  Uberthons puts on some excellent races.  The weather was even beautiful -- about 32 degrees but sunny -- and I saw an old running buddy that I hadn't seen in a while.  They keep the participants pretty small for most of their races; I think today was 225 people.

Next up is surgery on Tuesday.  I found out only yesterday afternoon that nobody told me I was supposed to get pre-op blood work so after the race I sat in the Urgent Care waiting room for 45 minutes (the lab is next door) waiting for the lab guy to be free.  He did kind of a crap job on me too, I've got a big purple hematoma under the skin the size of a nickel.

Well, boy kitty is peeking longingly at me around the edge of the laptop, which means he wants to be my laptop instead of you all so I'm off.  I'll check in some time after all the drugs wear off and let you  know how the surgery went.

the CilleyGirl


  1. Just texted you. Hoping your surgery goes amazingly.

  2. Mega bling!

    So this year it's Fanconi and RnR for sure. And you have Shamrock.... You're on track to outrun your 2013!